Not Quite Dead Yet

There’s a very long excuse explanation for my taking over a year off from blogging.  Long, as in, I don’t feel like typing that shit up one handed.  ß Clue #1.

Zoloft, working for giant pieces of shit, work related injury followed by shoulder surgery for same six months later.  Six.  Months.  That’s how long it takes for them to realize “Ow.  That shit hurts.” means something.

That’s all you get for now because my dominant arm is bound up in one of these bitches:


Brett Minor said…
It threw me when I saw your blog pop up in my Reader. There's a name I haven't seen in a while.
The Randomist said…
Yeah. I've been trying unsuccessfully to break down the wall that Zoloft built around my urge and ability to write, but I've taken this down time from surgery to stop my meds and let the rage flow freely. I think it's working.
Leauxra said…
Holy crap! She's back! Woot!

Also, I have been the LAZIEST blogger ever. But really, I'm the boss of my blog. It's not like I'll get a bad performance review or something. :)

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