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Consternation (From 1/22/07)

Consternation. defines that as “A state of paralyzing dismay”.

So, I will today write about things that consternate me, perhaps even discombobulate me as well.

First things first, it being Super Bowl time, I’ve been paying careful attention to all commercials.


I know that this joke is an old one, but I still feel it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

The tampons of old would apparently enable you to ride horses, participate in complicated water sports, and various other activities.

But today’s tampons are super cool.

With these I could be the next Mary Lou Retton. Or Mia Hamm. Maybe even Anna Kournikova.

All because I use the new Sport Tampon.

Uh huh.

Who would have thought that what amounts to a cotton ball on a string could bring you such joy?

And has anyone noticed that they all end with an X? Kotex… Playtex…Tampax? (With the exception of O.B. because frankly, that’s not really a tampon… it’s an ear plug). Is there some special ingredient or formula t…

I'm Stoopid (From 1/15/07)


Yes I am.

But maybe, just maybe, I’m not the only one who has made this mistake.

You see… I more or less work a third shift job. I get up around 2:30 am and head on out delivering papers, working the production plant, clearing drops, running shortages, all manner of things really. So I usually go to bed pretty early.

I fell asleep around 3pm yesterday, book in hand, Napoleon Dynamite on the tube. I did not mean to do this. I meant to force myself to stay awake until at least 6 before dropping off.

Well, now that we mention the hour of six, it brings us to the stupid part of my story.

When I woke up it was SIX O’CLOCK! I had to be at work at 4:30!!! I started freaking out, I was still wearing the clothes from the day before so I just rolled out of bed, put my shoes on and ran out of the apartment. Get outside and into the car and I start to think to myself… “You know… there are an awful lot of people out here this early in the morning…”

And then it hit me… but not before I cal…

Now for something completely different... From 01-09-07

I'm going to rant about something!


Never before seen in this blog... Heather will rant.

Ok... I thought I would have this whole anonymous blogger thing going on. My secret identity has been revealed. Now I might have to actually show my face on here... and, I'm just not sure that the world could handle this.

Not that the face itself is overly horrible... the pictures of said face are.

I just do NOT get that! I could look like Miss Freakin' Universe before... and as soon as that shutter snaps... I'm the bag lady on the corner, only homelier.

Parking Tickets.

Come on Parking Meter Reader Bill... That's right, I KNOW YOUR NAME!

Seriously...If I didn't have the quarter to put in the machine, what makes you think I'll have the... I think its now $70 to pay the tickets?

They should leave little letters that say "I'm sorry that you are so poor you can't afford to put a quarter in the meter, here's a blank check, take whatever you need from the city…

Viva Las Harper's Ferry

I'm all shook up. Sorry, had to get one more Elvis thing in there.

I told you last blog about the broken footed journey to Baltimore. It is time to tell you the rest.

Dear old cousin Keith was getting married, technically in PA, but Baltimore is way better, and we spend more time there... moving on.

Our Dad took his bike up there, and left us the Expedition. Well, being the graceful and highly intelligent person that she is, Celia decided that it would be a truly excellent idea to fall down the stairs the night before we left.

She sprained her ankle and broke the outside of her foot. But, since I was just getting onto 485 from the other side of Charlotte when I got her panicked phone call, I had to make her wait.

I get there, and now The Boy Child, her son, is following her around, doing this really great limping hopping imitation of her, I love this child. We say our goodbyes and I drive her down the mountain to the hospital, really cute doctors by the way. We do the x-ray thi…

You are not excused


I’ve mentioned my sister.

And I’ve mentioned her penchant for shrieking, I mean laughing.

Now she’s taken it to an all new level.

I am not easily embarrassed, but I almost crawled under a table today. It was just that bad. I slobbered, I spit out spaghetti. It was horrible. *sniffs* I don’t like to talk about it. But I will. For you I will. *gets song stuck in head*

Ok, there is a background story, which I will share with you now, it doesn’t play a huge part in this drama, but it does play an important one.

A year or so ago, my sister and I trekked off to Baltimore for our cousin’s wedding. Her broke foot and all… and my, oh my Celia… I think I just found something else to blog about. Pay back. This time…. It’s for real.

Back to the point.

We had just returned to her apartment after this fun filled trip to find her friend had cooked food. It was cold. But oh well. After dragging up our sixty two bags of Tasty Cakes and Utz potato chips, we settled in to eat our meal. Fr…

The Joys of Smoking

A Disclaimer from Random:

Smoking is bad... don't do it. This blog in no way condones the use of tobacco products.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way.

Smoking.... smoking is great.

I love it.

A cigarette is the perfect mate.

They don't talk to you, which in most cases, means no arguing with your cigarettes.

They hardly ever make you mad.

It's the best way to follow up a meal, because hey... you don't get calories from smoking, but you would from that piece of pie.

They're also widely known as a good follow up to... ah hmm... some extra curricular activities.

They are my saving grace.

Without my Marlboro Lights in a box, I would forever be lost... or imprisoned. They are such great tools for anger management.

I will now tell you a story. Because I never do that.

It all began many moons ago, when a young child watched her parents smoke their lives away. The child did not like this. The child protested and learned about the dangers, and preached to no avail. They would…

Sisterly Love. From 11/13/06.

Ok.... so... We've all heard of brotherly love. It’s a strong thing.

But I'm here to tell you about a little thing called Sisterly Love.

It's a completely different animal folks.

It all started out in... 1985. My sister found out she would be having a little person to play with, and this made her happy.

The "thing", which is me, was born in 1986... and it all went down hill...

She stopped liking me when she found out that they weren't just gonna leave me sitting in a corner somewhere, and that I had to have attention too. Not cool to her.

So what does she do? She tries to throw me away. Uh huh... that’s right... tries to throw little infant me away while no one's looking. But I guess she felt bad, and I was saved from the trash can. And then the unthinkable happened...

She tried to hold me one day, without permission or supervision and got busted... They took her Punky Brewster away. That did it. We were enemies from then on.

As I grew up, I guess the instinct fo…

Why Leonard Nimoy should be shot. From 11/09/06

It all started yesterday... Someone called the radio station and said something about Bilbo Baggins... it went over my head. They played like 5 seconds of this song, and I was thinking.... oook lay off the J.R.R Tolkien folks. I probably spelled his name wrong, and that's ok by me. I do not like the fellow, even though he's long gone. I will explain.

When I was a senior in high school, I had this teacher. Mrs.... ummm.... crap. . I can't remember her name, which is sad, because, aside from this one thing, I loved her. I'll remember in a minute.

She was OBSESSED with Lord of the Rings. I never really had an interest in hobbits, hairy feet just don't turn me on, sorry. She had read all of the books, even that one that starts with an S... I can't think of it, but it sounds similar to Silly Moron, so that’s what it will be for now. She read the essays, had all the movies.... She even came to school dressed like the characters!

Mrs. GRAHAM! There we go... she won't…