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Heather Heartless (From 3/6/07)

*The photo in reference is the photo currently sitting just to the left, my default picture.*

Hi folks. I had one of my lovely readers post a comment in regards to my not so photogenic qualities. I decided against approving it, and went for a more courageous approach. I made it into a blog.

I think that me and good ‘ole Howard could become fast friends. I think I might already be half in love with him, and half out as well, let’s see which side gains over time, shall we?

I had contemplated not posting this at all, as I have a team of vicious midgets, other wise known as my bestests, who may very well launch a search party and maim or possibly kill poor Howard. But as I said, I kind of love him right now. You can make up your own minds about Mr. Heretic though.

Here’s your 15 of fame my love, enjoy it.

And oh yes… spell check. It is your best friend.

Heather Heartless

Oh what a joy your cynical take on life appears.
I(you?) was hilarious … well soughtr (sort) of. Male readers (the straight one…