Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tasteless Merchandise to Fuel My Pillow Addiction

Do you want to know what I was doing while I wasn't blogging?

I was creating a Zazzle store called Mo Waffles.

Jenny Lawson is to blame for this.

Why is it named Mo Waffles?  I have no fucking idea.  Just like I have no idea why I created anything that I did or why Zazzle lures you in with promises of setting your own royalty rate when if you set it to 80% your t-shirts are priced to sell at $53.74.

This is a small sampling of the tasteless products I have to offer.

The front says "J/K", you know, for potential un-rapist boyfriends.

And because the movie Teeth freaked me out...

Vagina Ventata shirt
Vagina Ventata by MoWaffles
Become a clothing affiliate at

Please don't hate me...

... and go buy things.