The Inside of My Head Would Scare You... Part 1

“What are you thinking about?”




“Why eyebrows?”

“Well, I mean, have you ever just thought about them before? They’re weird…”

“No… I haven’t. How are eyebrows weird?”

“They’re weird because… I mean, they’re really just random patches of hair growing on your face. Why not on my cheek instead? Would we do with cheek brows? Just a random patch of fur on your cheek instead of over your eyes. What is the point of eyebrows? They’re weird, but we would look weird with OUT them, but still. What purpose do they really serve? Did God get finished with a person and then go, ‘You know what? Something is missing… on the face… that’s a good five inches of head space, four would look better… hold on … wait a second, OH! Let’s put a line of HAIR across this area… there we go.’?”

“Sometimes I worry about you”.

“Maybe that’s why they’re called foreheads. God decided that the five head just didn’t look right, so He gave us eyebrows; to break up the monotony of the forehead. But some people, coughs Tyra Banks coughs, still have the five head though. Makes you wonder.”

“About your sanity.”

“But seriously, what other reason would there be for random patches of hair in the middle of your face?”

“To keep sweat and rain out of our eyes so our vision isn’t blurred and we survive longer?”

“Oh… I like mine better.”


Brianne said…
I love this conversation, and sadly I have thought about how weird eyebrows are. It's scary to think of what catastrophic events would occur if we could combine our heads together. Scary.
Gorilla Bananas said…
It's not eyebrows that are weird, it's the fact that the rest of your faces are bald.

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